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The team behind Pixel CPA has been behind launching thousands of websites. Our journey began in the mid 2000’s when we ran a traditional web development agency and grew it to be one of the top web development agencies of its time in Western Canada. We got to work with some amazing clients and very interesting web development projects.
We ended up incubating a website building platform for the financial services industry and ended up spinning it off as Advisor Websites. Today that business is a leader and a premier website provider in the financial services industry.
Sadly, we didn’t get to focus exclusively on CPA’s during this time…but we noticed interest from CPAs in a progressive web builder. We got a lot of personal satisfaction chatting with the CPA's over the years and group of us decided to dedicate our efforts to the CPA space. And so here we are Pixel CPA... where we take care of the pixels so you can take care of the numbers... eager to serve you and deliver value.

Partners & Friends

At Pixel CPA we are open to mutually beneficial partnerships and relationships. Just like a CPA might work closely with a lawyer, wealth manager, or insurance professional to provide a holistic approach to take care of their clients, we look for high quality partnerships to make the CPA’s life easier.

By partnering with PixelCPA, you’ll be working with a world-class product that provides CPA’s with the the type of digital presence they deserve.

Partnerships can be in the form of integrations, education, and collaborations. Contact us today to find out more.

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We’re looking for a few good people. If you think you fit the bill we want you! Connect with us today and let us know a little about yourself. (P.S. We have beer on tap…and fancy buttons.) 


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1930 Pandora Street, Suite 311, Vancouver, BC, V5L 0C7

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Toll Free: (844) 387-4935
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Email: pixie@pixelcpa.com

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